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Musa Major is an extremely gifted rapper from Newark, NJ with unparalleled lyrical ability. After spending three years in college before being arrested and sentenced to eight years in a state correctional facility, Musa has an amazing story to tell, which explains the rich content found in his music. Unwilling to give up on his childhood dream, even after spending nearly a decade in prison, Musa Major continues to be driven by his passion for music. His mission is to attract the ears of the masses! His first offcial studio release since leaving prison is set to debut in February of 2018. Entitled “Prisoner to President”, it’s sure to capture the realities faced by thousands of African American men as they journey to success post release. Coming from the mouth of the man himself, ” I feel like everyone will appreciate this project because they will be able to relate. We have all experienced some form of adversity and were forced to overcome it. A lot of people will be able to relate directly because, unfortunately, incarceration is commonplace in our society. Even if you have never been to jail, you know someone who has.” The term rapper doesn’t accurately represent Musa as an artist; he creates with the intent of inspiring, enlightening, and motivating, in addition to entertaining.

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